About Us

Newfound Rustic Furniture has a unique way of making furniture. So many people have to or want trees removed from there land for various reasons. Most end up as fire wood or in the chipper going to waste. Some of the most beautiful and large trees end up this way. We her at NFR take trees from peoples property mill them, dry them and turn the wood into beautiful one of a kind furniture for you.

This is unique for your own trees to end up in your home. We document the whole process start to finish for you to see the transition from tree to home. If you do not have any trees to be used we have our own to make you a beautiful piece that you will love. We build on your own ideas as well as our own. We love the beauty of trees and wood respect the forests. Old wood we reclaim and build to your likes. Nothing goes to waste. We are eco friendly and hope we can build for you.

Thank you

"Kathy's corner is a place where Beautiful unique designs are displayed. Kathy is the reason, the driving force and the inspiration behind my business. From her incredibly brilliant and fertile mind come works from my hands. With out her this company and my work would not be here. K.... L.I.P. Chris"